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Soheil Lasting Bricks Industrial Group

Soheil Lasting Bricks Industrial Group was established in Shamsabad Industrial Town in 1997 in a bid to introduce high quality bricks with unique properties into the market. It has employed up-to-date technical knowledge to manufacture quality products with unique colors and designs. The company currently operates two manufacturing sites in Shamsabad Industrial Town with the production capacity of 30000 tons...

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What is refractory brick and its types of use

What is refractory brick and its types of use

As a modern and safe facade building tool, refractory bricks currently have many fans. For this reason, this style of facade construction can be seen in the facades of various buildings. Therefore, according to the importance and application of refractory brick, our goal in the continuation of this ...

23 / 04 / 2024

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Soheil Lasting Bricks Company

is committed to provide customers' satisfaction using knowledge, valuable experience and brilliant records in the field of design and production of refractory bricks relying on an experienced, competent, and expert manpower while maintaining quality and proper production costs and as an Iranian manufacturer in the business field, it endeavors to provide customers and beneficiaries of the company with the best services and new products of high quality in order to enhance the competitive advantage with a value-centric approach.


Soheil Lasting Brick Company intends to become one of the three proposals in the field of refractory bricks production in the construction industry of the country. In the company's vision, innovation and creativity based on the state-of-the-art technology have always been considered, and the company always tries to be one of the pioneers in creating the best products. The promotion of Iran's name in the international arena has always been a mission of the company and exports are among the main programs of the company. The company intends to be among the top Iranian exporters in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region in the coming years.